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"I have a fear of dentists which resulted in a lifetime of toothaches and the need for procedures that I cannot afford. This past week I was experiencing tooth pain with an intensity like never before. So extreme, in fact, that I went to the ER  in the middle of the night seeking help. Nothing was working. I googled and came across Dr. McCartin. His office is close to my house and the website states that he offers sedation for fearful people like me so I requested an appointment. I am completely astounded by the lengths him and his staff went to accommodate me - a new patient; a complete stranger. This man genuinely wants to help people and his staff is absolutely wonderful. Within a minute of sitting in the chair, my mouth felt relief. He was gentle, empathetic, and so kind. Words truly cannot express how grateful I am that I found Dr. McCartin. I highly recommend him to everyone, especially if you're nervous about seeing a dentist. He is the best of the best!"

-Kimberly B.

"Dr. McCartin is really as good as it gets.
I recently had an abscessed tooth and saw 3 different dentists, they all wanted to pull the tooth out and do an implant, which would have cost about $6000.00. Even though it was a difficult procedure, Dr. McCartin was able to do a root canal and salvage the tooth, saving me thousands of dollars and the complications a dental implant entails. Plus, I am quite afraid of the dentist, but I felt no pain at all.
Dr. McCartin is without a doubt an elite dentist, and as an added bonus, his staff is the most professional and friendly I have ever see.
As an added bonus, although I didn't have to wait long to see Dr. McCartin, his fish tank in the reception area was stunning."

-Michael M.

“I feel much better about my appearance. My coworkers noticed how much I smile now. One of my sons said he couldn’t believe it when he saw me. He said, ‘Look, you have a Colgate smile! Dr. McCartin was very good. He took time with me to make me feel at ease. After a while, I wasn’t nervous about coming back.”

-Millie Norton

“Joe does it all. Joe is very advanced with his knowledge, with his skills and the equipment. He’s got a great staff; they’re very professional. He worked on every tooth in my mouth. He’s excellent. I’m always in front of audiences. Anytime you feel more comfortable, you’re going to perform better. It’s all about confidence, and certainly, your appearance has to do with your confidence.”

-Bob Hoover

“I’ve seen multiple dentists over my life. I’ve seen an orthodontist; I’ve seen dentists; I’ve seen oral surgeons, and I’ve seen them in different countries as well. The level of execution at Dr. McCartin’s office is phenomenal. I feel the level of work done here is outstanding, very thorough. I never feel like I’m rushed in and out.”

-Sheila Bolbolan

10401 South Kedzie Avenue, Chicago, IL 60655 USA
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